Dear visitors welcome to my page. I played my first Paradox game, it was Europa Universalis 3, as a physics student more than 10 years ago. Since that time everything changed. I got my master and PhD degree, have a full-time job, I’m married and have two great kids whom I love infinitely more than everything else in this world. But despite all these changes, my passion for strategy and city-building games stayed and I would say it become even stronger.
What can be more relaxing than a cup of tee and a good game on a Friday evening? 🙂
But after I spent thousands and thousands of hours playing games I asked myself if I should not try to make my own game – the P3A-Project was born.

And now, when my family sleeps, I use the time, which I previously used for gaming, for the work on P3A – as you can see sleep is overvalued. 🙂
It is inspired by my most favourite games – Paradox grand strategies, Anno, „Dawn of Man“ and „Banished“/“Forest Village“.

I hope you will like the concept of the game. Here you will have a chance to contribute your cool ideas concerning the design, production chains, technologies etc.

See you soon!