Resource Panel

In this panel, you will see resource-related information and will be able to apply various actions, such as changing taxation or buying resources. Each resource has 3 levels: Group: Essential, Basic, ... Subgroup: Food, Oxygen, Water, ... Resource: Meat, Fish, ... Resources in the Table are grouped by the resource-group. In the table, you can see the various information about the resource such as total or traded amount, price or net offer. For each resource, you can increase the Tax, which will make them more or less expensive. Furthermore, you can order the resource which would increase the strategic reserves, which can be sold in due time.

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System and Natural Resources

Here you can see the planets in the system and can check the available natural resources on these planets. In the initial game version, you will be only able to colonize planets with oxygen and water perks, or better to say you will be able to colonize all planets but the pop will only survive on planets with these perks. Additional features such as technologies enabling the pop to survive on planets without these pers will be added if the game would have some sort of success. Natural resource deposits are very important because they will directly influence the production efficiency of "first-level materials" and indirectly all the production of materials upwards in the production chain. If everything goes well here you will see ships moving in the system and maybe other objects in the system. Furthermore from this view, the colonization will be triggered. [...]

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In this video, you can see the scene with randomly generated stars. Pointing on each star you can see the number of planets of different types. If you click on the star, you enter the system view. The distances in the galaxy view are about 100-times larger than the distances in the system view. If everything goes according to my plan, here you will see ships moving between colonized planets.

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